What We Do?

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Product Development

Starting from Rs. 15000

Application Development

Starting from Rs. 50000

Website Development

Starting from Rs. 25000

Technical Consultancy

Starting from Rs. 10000

ERP System Development

Starting from Rs. 80000

Automation & Innovation

Starting from Rs. 1000

Why You Should Hire Us?

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life” – Mark Batterson

Top Quality Solutions

Top Engineers & Developers

24/7 Customer Support

Requirement Gathering in Layman Language

100% Satisfaction

Efficient Communication

Our Team

At the end saying we have done something amazing is what matters for us!

Athar AhmadProjects Manager
Athar AhmadProjects Manager
Muhammad DawoodProjects Executi
Muhammad DawoodProjects Executi
Developers/EngineersCommitted to make an impact
Developers/EngineersCommitted to make an impact

What Our Clients Say About Us?

More feedback from our clients can be found on our Fiverr Profiles (Athar & Aqib)


"Excellent communication. Good approach. Solved issue."

rodneyboyUnited States

"The work was done well and on time within the deadline that was set. I was delighted with the result."

peter1690United States

"Definitely! He was great and got it done super fast!!! Would def use him again!"


"...The seller's communication was strong and prompt. Very clear and receptive to feedback. I would have liked to see more attention to execution detail, and also more independent vision."

Facts & Figures

It is easier to build on strengths than it is to fix weaknesses!



First Office Setup


Incorporation with SECP


Projects Completed



We are proud of what we have done so far!

Website Creation using WordPress

#Website Development

Website Re-Designing

#Website Development

Visitors Sentiments Device

#Product Development

Time Sync Device using RPi Zero

#Product Development

GPS Timer using Raspberry Pi

#Product Development

Timer + Relay Device

#Product Development

VB MFC Application

#Application Development

AutoTyper Application

#Application Development


#Product Development

Melody Muse Website

#Website Development

We are here to help you!

You are just a call away - 03335078042

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us out if you need more clarity!

  • Do you make all sort of solutions?

    We listen to you, understand your problem, conduct our research and then we devise a solution that solves your problem and is very cost-effective.

    In this modern world, almost every problem is solved with the right mix of website, application and a small product.

  • How much time does it take for the co-creation process?

    The co-creation process is completely free and takes 7-10 days depending on the complexity of the problem.

  • How much do you charge?

    The co-creation process is completely free of cost.

    Website Development costs you around 400$ - 800$, Application Development costs you around 2000$ - 3500$ & Product Development costs you around 350$ - 700$.

  • My budget is low, can you still help?

    No worries at all. What matters for us is that your problem is solved. Do reach out to us and we will find a way out for you in low budget that solves your problem.

  • Where do you provide your service?

    Our headoffice is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. However that doesn't limit us, we have clients all across the globe.

    So just knock the door and we will be there for you.

    We also provide our services on Fiverr.