Complete End-to-End Solution for Company Registration in Pakistan

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Here at SA Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we provide end-to-end solutions to our customers that help them grow their business & build their MVP’s. When it comes to starting a company or business in Pakistan, we at SA Solutions have been through that journey and we exactly know how a startup idea can turn into a private limited company.

Our journey went like below:

  1. Idea, Brainstorming and Vision of the Startup – Jan 2018
  2. Creating necessary visuals and documenting the vision & mission of the idea.
  3. Came up with an action plan.
  4. Execution of the idea.
  5. Revenue Generation Started – Jan 2019
  6. First Office Setup – Feb 2020
  7. Incorporation with SECP – Dec 2020
  8. Self-Sustainable Startup turned IT Company – Till Date

Our next in-line solution for the Startups in Pakistan is an end-to-end solution that helps them to convert their startup idea into a private limited company with SECP Pakistan.

Register Your Private Limited Company in Pakistan by filling out the form below OR

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Only in Rs.15000/-


Simple Automation Solutions

We believe that every problem you, your Startup, your Organization or the society face is an opportunity for us and we provide a simple, automated & innovative solution to that problem.

We do that by deeply analyzing the problem, conducting the research and presenting a solution through co-creation.

We happen to make social impact with Website Development, Application Development & Product Development.

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