Opening Amazon Store: What is Buy Box?

Before setting up your own Amazon store, it’s worth taking the time to cover the basics of selling things on Amazon. Take a quick peek behind the curtain and learn about the most valuable listing positions on Amazon, how to get your product shipped out of Amazon’s warehouses, and some costly pitfalls to avoid. Even if you’re familiar with Amazon as a shopper, the way it works for sellers is quite different.

When browsing on Amazon, customers will navigate to a product’s main page and click on on the “offers” links below the merchandise description to ascertain an inventory of obtainable sellers.

However, Amazon also gives merchants the power to compete for the coveted “Buy Box” – the CTA button therein familiar shade of yellow. $56 billion of Amazon’s $64 billion in sales are made via the Buy Box – that’s 90% of total sales volume, so it’s imperative for any aspiring Amazon merchant to know what the buy box is and the way it works.

The Buy Box is that the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. instead of rummaging through an inventory of obtainable merchants, the Buy Box allows customers to quickly purchase a product from the Featured Seller – the business Amazon has chosen to receive the majority of sales.

Because a key feature of the Amazon platform is that multiple sellers offers an equivalent product, becoming the featured seller who wins the Buy Box is extremely difficult. In fact, it’s pretty unrealistic to think that your site is ever getting to get ranked high enough to become the featured seller.

In order to be eligible for the buy box, you want to meet the subsequent criteria:

  1. Make sure you’ve got knowledgeable Seller Account.
    Only Professional Plan sellers are eligible for the Buy Box, so if you would like to form money you’ve to spend money – during this case, about $40 a month. Click here for more information about Amazon’s selling plans and costs .
  2. Know the difference between the Buy Box and therefore the Buy Used Box.
    There are separate Buy Boxes for brand spanking new and used products. Used products aren’t eligible to be featured within the Buy Box, and new products aren’t eligible to be featured within the Buy Used Box.

If you’re selling used products on Amazon, confirm to factor the Buy Used Box into your strategy. the general sales volume of the Buy Used Box doesn’t match that of the Buy Box, but lower competition can make it much easier for little merchants to get valuable product positioning.

  1. Make sure your item is available .
    If your item is out of stock, you’ll immediately lose your Buy Box spot to a different seller who DOES have that item available . If you ever get a Buy Box spot, confirm to make sure that you’ve got always got an adequate supply. While you’ll get your Buy Box spot back after you’ve restocked your inventory, it’s never 100% certain. Plus, the loss of sales thanks to the loss of a Buy Box is punishment enough, so confirm supply meets demand!
  2. Check your Buy Box eligibility within your Amazon Seller Central account.
    Even if you’ve met all of the wants above, you continue to must be an Amazon merchant with a minimum of 2 to six months of sales history also as a high level of sales performance.

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