Social platform for influencer market empowered by the people to build their reputation and express their ideas to the world and connect with people that matter to you. It has following features

  • Goal Driven Campaigns
  • List of ranked influencers based on the scoring of the others
  • Profiles of the influencers describing their stories and talents, goals and interests
  • In app messenger feature supporting file sharing, video and voice chat
  • World feature to display your portfolios under different categories
  • Show feature where you can post or share your work, videos and photos
  • In app camera feature to take pictures and videos before sharing
  • In app gallery to save your content
  • Discover feature to explore the world, people and show
  • Search feature to explore the internet

Simple Automation Solutions

We believe that every problem you, your Startup, your Organization or the society face is an opportunity for us and we provide a simple, automated & innovative solution to that problem.

We do that by deeply analyzing the problem, conducting the research and presenting a solution through co-creation.

We happen to make social impact with Website Development, Application Development & Product Development.